Sharing Experience across Scotland and England - James Hutton Institute, 29 November 2013

A mini symposium was held at the James Hutton Institute on awareness/behavioural aspects of diffuse water pollution. The aim was to exchange experiences and plans for research to support implementation and uptake of measures to improve water quality through behavioural change. Results from the EU FP7 REFRESH Project and the Scottish Government Research Programme were presented by researchers from The James Hutton Institute. Key messages for policy guidance and advice were identified and discussed.

Andrew Lovett and Emily Vrain from the University of East Anglia presented research undertaken under Defra’s Demonstration Test Catchments Programme, presenting findings on farmers and farm advisors’ views on likelihood of adoption of mitigation measures.

Peter Wright from the Scottish Protection Agency presented Scotland’s Rural Diffuse Pollution Plan and the Priority Catchments strategy.

Symposium attendees were also given the chance to briefly present their current work in this area. Synergies and potential collaboration across Scotland and England were explored and further research developments were discussed, including how some of the methodological challenges identified in the REFRESH project could be addressed in the future.