REFRESH stakeholder meeting in Estonia

Estonia Stakeholder PresentationOn 8th May 50 people attended a REFRESH stakeholder meeting in at the Estonia Science Centre, Tartu, Estonia. The purpose of the meeting was to advise the stakeholders, mainly Estonian Water Authorities, how best to consider climate change impacts in preparing revised River Basin Management Plans (RBMPs) for 2015-2021, in particular how to integrate climate change into the second round of river basin planning and lake restoration.

The first presentation was given by a Jaak Jaagus, a climate researcher who explained the basic terms and approaches and the general projections for Estonia.  Arvo Järvet, a hydrologist explained how climate is expected to affect the different steps of the water cycle. Peeter Nõges, a REFRESH scientist presented a report prepared last year for the Estonian ministry on climate change impacts on aquatic ecosystems in Estonia and implications for the monitoring system. Peeter also presented results from REFRESH of relevance to the climate change impacts in revised RBMPs. Two talks about lake restoration were given by Lea Tuvikene and Ingmar Ott.