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Climate-and-freshwater.info is a product of Euro-Limpacs. Euro-Limpacs investigates the effects of Climate Change on rivers, lakes and wetlands, through increased temperature, altered hydrology and the interactions with other stressors.

Rivers, lakes and wetlands are under intense pressure from multiple use, pollution and habitat degradation. The services that aquatic ecosystems can provide to society have been reduced, and the biota is strongly affected, with several aquatic species disappearing from entire ecoregions. In Europe, the principal legal instrument to halt the deterioration of aquatic ecosystems is the Water Framework Directive, which aims at restoring aquatic ecosystems back to good status; this is a task for generations. Many indicators have been developed to reflect the status of water bodies and the success of restoration.

Climate-and-freshwater.info is based on Euro-Limpacs results and a literature review.

Here you can find autecological characteristics and distribution patterns of more than 12000 European freshwater organisms belonging to fish, macro-invertebrates, macrophytes, diatoms and phytoplankton. The ecology data feature (amongst others) ecoregional and altitudinal distribution, temperature and stream zonation preference, substrate or microhabitat preference, feeding type, life duration, saprobity and many more. All ecological parameters can be individually combined and queried.



HABITAT is a spatial analysis tool with a GIS calculation core that can be used to analyze the availability and quality of habitats for individuals or groups of species and to map spatial units (e.g. ecotopes). It can be used, for example, to analyze the effects of climate change on nature to support the development of adaptation strategies. It is also useful for other spatial analyses where grid operations are needed (e.g flood risk maps or damages to agriculture or urban areas in case of floods and droughts). HABITAT is built around PCRaster, a software package responsible for making the map-calculations and incorporated in the user interface of DelftShell. HABITAT consists of a software tool and an ecological knowledge base with dose-effect relations for species, species groups or vegetation types based on environmental conditions. We follow the 'Dare to Share' principle which means that the software tool is free of use and we encourage HABITAT users to share their knowledge through the habitat-wiki.