Joint interregional dissemination event - REFRESH and LakeAdmin, Estonia

"Lake management needs a professional approach and detailed planning"

Estonian University of Life Sciences organized an interregional dissemination event on lake management in Tallinn, October 11th, 2013. This was a joint seminar featuring presenters from REFRESH and the LakeAdmin (Regional administration of lake restoration initiatives) projects.  

Results from both projects were presented to stakeholders involved in lake management in Estonia including the water department of the Ministry of the Environment, Environmental Agency, environmental consultancy enterprises, fishery managers, universities and the public. Among the 36 participants, were three guests from Latvia and speakers from Finland and UK attended the seminar.

Estonia Meeting, October 11th 2013The key objectives of REFRESH were highlighted, in particular the development of a framework that will enable water managers to design cost-effective restoration programmes for freshwater ecosystems. This will account for the expected future impacts of climate change and land-use. The project’s outcome is useful for updating the River Basin Management Plans (RBMPs). The project co-ordinator, Martin Kernan, and Peeter Nõges from the Estonian University of Life Sciences presented key REFRESH outcomes and introduced the main deliverables and publications.

LakeAdmin, supported by the Interreg IVC Programme of the European Regional Development Fund, is focused on improving the goal-setting and quality of lake restoration. It seeks to enhance the effectiveness of regional development policies related to water management, especially in with regard to lake, pond and reservoir restoration and management.

Irja Truumaa from Estonian Ministry of the Environment highlighted the kind of outputs that were most useful for managing authorities. She commended the guiding materials and recommendations from both projects to with regard to consideration of the influences of climate change in the revision of RBMPs.

From a stakeholder perspective, Peeter Ennet from Estonian Environmental Board, made specific suggestions to test and develop good practice from Finland for use in Estonia, for example, the water quality models for estimating the need to reduce external loading and the role of internal loading. He emphasized the need to creating a catalogue of measures attached to RBMPs together with an expert tool to evaluate the efficiency of the applied measures, and the web-based auxiliary materials for planning the measures.

The presentations from the seminar are available at

Open meeting at University College London, November 6th and 7th, 2013

This two day open meeting will present the results from REFRESH to the project to the scientific community (DAY 1) and highlight the implications for management to those tasked with drawing up and implementing policy and with vested interests in improving and protecting water quality and ecosystem status (DAY 2).

On 6th November a science symposium will showcase REFRESH results including case studies bringing together freshwater ecology, process based hydrochemical modelling and socio-economic analysis. Scientists from across Europe will present state-of-the-art research on lakes, wetlands, streams at the catchment level.

On 7th November the focus will be on the implications for management of climate and land use impacts on freshwater ecosystems (in particular compliance with the Water Framework Directive). This is one of a series of four regional stakeholder workshops and the target audience includes water managers, those tasked with revising the River Basin management Plans and conservation bodies interested in the management of freshwater ecosystems. Representatives from the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium will attend. A key component of Day 2 is that stakeholders will be given a platform to respond to the presentation from the REFRESH consortium through a series of discussant presentations.

Central themes of the meeting are:

  • Ecological response to changes in stream, lake and wetland temperature, hydrology, temperature and nutrient enrichment (Day 1)
  • Modelling ecosystem response to changes in these parameters by external drivers such as land use and climate change (Day 1)
  • Assessing problems with current and future compliance with EU policy drivers such as the WFD and Habitats Directive. (Days 1 and 2)
  • Identifying cost effective management strategies that will allow freshwaters management to adapt to future change (Days 1 and 2)
  • How to improve the science policy interface (Day 2)
  • How to improve communication between scientist and managers (Day 2)

Attendance at one or both meetings is open and free (including lunch and wine reception). Registration is however required to ensure we do not exceed capacity. Entry will be by ticket only.


For online registration visit

For other queries contact Martin Kernan ( 0207 679 0523 / 07902 994 278

REFRESH Newsletter

Refresh Newsletter Summer 2013The REFRESH newsletter (Summer 2013) is now available. Click here to download.

REFRESH stakeholder meetings: October 2013-January 2014

A number of stakeholder meetings are planned in Norway, Estonia, Turkey, United Kingdom and Belgium.
  • 21st and 22nd October 2013 - REFRESH Stakeholder Meeting in Norway - This will be held over two days in conjunction with a planning meeting with people from the county, municipality, and water district organisation involved with the Vansjø-Hobøl (Morsa) demonstration catchment. Day 1 will focus on the managers’ needs (“Managers and stakeholders’ frequently asked questions to researchers”) and Day 2 is set aside to present results from REFRESH and to ask for stakeholders’ view of project results/assumptions e.g."What will the water quality be if the climate changes"? etc.
  • 6th November 2013 - REFRESH Science Symposium, London - this will be an open meeting at which the output from REFRESH will be presented to a scientific audience. 
  • 7th November 2013 - REFRESH Regional Stakeholder Meeting in UK (UCL) - this is a meeting aimed more at practitioners, managers etc. (people tasked with implementing the WFD both practically and at a higher level). This will also showcase REFRESH results but in a way that emphasises the importance for management of freshwaters. The main focus will be how to accommodate future changes in climate, land use , water resource demands and atmospheric pollution into freshwater management strategy. This will be a 'two way' meeting whereby each presentation from REFRESH is 'answered' by a well briefed discussant from the stakeholder community. The target audience is international (UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium). 
  • 2nd December 2013 - REFRESH Stakeholder Meeting in Turkey (Ankara) - A number of REFRESH participants will present output from REFRESH to a stakeholder audience. 
  • 29-30th January 2014 - Joint REFRESH / BioFresh Science Policy Symposium, Natural Sciences Museum, Brussels. The aim of the joint Science Policy Symposium for Freshwater Life is to present the scientific advances of BIOFRESH and REFRESH, to discuss their implications for the freshwater management in the EU and to come up with clear recommendations for policy making. The goal is to support implementation of the Biodiversity Strategy 2020 and the EU Water Framework Directive (and its potential revision) with the best recent knowledge on the current and future status of freshwater ecosystems and their inherent biodiversity.

More information about these meetings will follow. For any queries please contact Martin Kernan (