Adaptation Strategies

Practical strategies are urgently required by river basin managers either to adapt to future climate change or to minimise the effects of future change. REFRESH will review adaptation and mitigation strategies already under discussion at the European scale and assess how such strategies are being and can be implemented at the river basin, sub-catchment and local scales.

We will analyse existing climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies, review the European Environment Agency (EEA) study of 'best-practice', review the published literature for adaptation and mitigation measures, obtain information from the Ecological Status (ECOSTAT) Working Group and review the practical adaptation strategies being assessed in REFRESH experiments and models. We will combine strategies at local scales and integrate them with strategies at catchment, national and European scales and produce a practical guide to the most effective management strategies for use throughout Europe.

Left: Different management options for mitigating climate change effects on River Kennet (UK) nitrate levels.

Reference: Whitehead, P.G., Wilby, R.L., Butterfield, D. and Wade, A.J. (2006) Impacts of Climate Change on Nitrogen in Lowland Chalk Streams: Adaptation Strategies to Minimise Impacts, Science of the Total Environment, 365, 260-273.