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Fish diversity in European lakes: geographical factors dominate over anthropogenic pressures, Brucet, S.; Pédron, S.; Mehner, T.; Lauridsen, T.L.; Argillier, C.; Winfield, I.J.; Volta, P.; Emmrich, M.; Hesthagen, T.; Holmgren, K.; Benejam, L.; Kelly, F.; Krause, T.; Palm, A.; Rask, M.; J, , Freshwater Biology, Volume 58, Number 9, p.1779–1793, (2013) Abstract
Climate change impacts on lakes: an integrated ecological perspective based on a multi-faceted approach, with special focus on shallow lakes, Jeppesen, E.; Meerhoff, M.; Davidson, T.A.; Trolle, D.; SondergaarD, M.; Lauridsen, T.L.; Beklioglu, M.; Brucet, S.; Volta, P.; González-Bergonzoni, I.; others, , Journal of Limnology, (Submitted)
Impacts of climate warming on the long-term dynamics of key fish species in 24 European lakes, Jeppesen, E.; Mehner, T.; Winfield, IanJ.; Kangur, K.; Sarvala, J.; Gerdeaux, D.; Rask, M.; Malmquist, HilmarJ.; Holmgren, K.; Volta, P.; Romo, S.; Eckmann, R.; Sandström, A.; Blanco, S.; Kangur, A.; Ragnarsson, , Hydrobiologia, Volume 694, Number 1, p.1-39, (2012)
The population biology and life history traits of Eurasian ruffe [Gymnocephalus cernuus (L.), Pisces: Percidae] introduced into eutrophic and oligotrophic lakes in Northern Italy, Volta, P.; Jeppesen, E.; Campi, B.; Sala, P.; Emmrich, M.; Winfield, I. , Journal of Limnology, Volume 72, Number 2, p.e22, (2013)
Recent invasion by a non-native cyprinid (common bream Abramis brama) is followed by major changes in the ecological quality of a shallow lake in southern Europe, Volta, P.; Jeppesen, E.; Leoni, B.; Campi, B.; Sala, P.; Garibaldi, L.; Lauridsen, TorbenL.; Winfield, IanJ. , Biological Invasions, Volume 15, Number 9, p.2065-2079, (2013)
Assessing lake typologies and indicator fish species for Italian natural lakes using past fish richness and assemblages, Volta, P.; Oggioni, A.; Bettinetti, R.; Jeppesen, E. , Hydrobiologia, Volume 671, p.227-240, (2011) Abstract