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Climate-driven changes in water level: a decadal scale multi-proxy study recording the 8.2-ka event and ecosystem responses in Lake Sarup (Denmark), Bjerring, R.; Olsen, J.; Jeppesen, E.; Buchardt, B.; Heinemeier, J.; McGowan, S.; Leavitt, PeterR.; Enevold, R.; Odgaard, BentV. , Journal of Paleolimnology, Volume 49, p.267-285, (2013) Abstract
The influence of water level on macrophyte growth and trophic interactions in eutrophic Mediterranean shallow lakes: a mesocosm experiment with and without fish, Bucak, T.; Saraoğlu, E.; Levi, E.E.; Nihan Tavşanoğlu, Ü.; İdil Çakiroğlu, A.; Jeppesen, E.; Beklioğlu, M. , Freshwater Biology, Volume 57, Number 8, p.1631–1642, (2012) Abstract
Combining limnological and palaeolimnological data to disentangle the effects of nutrient pollution and climate change on lake ecosystems: problems and potential, Battarbee, R.W.; Anderson, N.J.; Bennion, H.; Simpson, G.L. , Freshwater Biology, Volume 57, Number 10, p.2091–2106, (2012) Abstract
A trait-based approach to assess the vulnerability of European aquatic insects to climate change, Conti, L.; Schmidt-Kloiber, A.; Grenouillet, G.; Graf, W. , Hydrobiologia, p.1-19, (2013) Abstract
Plankton dynamics under different climatic conditions in space and time, De Senerpont Domis, L.N.; Elser, J.J.; Gsell, A.S.; Huszar, V.L.M.; Ibelings, B.W.; Jeppesen, E.; Kosten, S.; Mooij, W.M.; Roland, F.; Sommer, U.; Van Donk, E.; Winder, M.; Lürling, M. , Freshwater Biology, Volume 58, Number 3, p.463–482, (2013) Abstract
Nutrients exert a stronger control than climate on recent diatom communities in Esthwaite Water: evidence from monitoring and palaeolimnological records, Dong, X.; Bennion, H.; Maberly, S.C.; Sayer, C.D.; Simpson, G.L.; Battarbee, R.W. , Freshwater Biology, Volume 57, Number 10, p.2044–2056, (2012) Abstract
Effects of climate-induced increases in summer drought on riparian plant species: a meta-analysis, Garssen, A.G.; Verhoeven, J.T.A.; Soons, M.B. , Freshwater Biology, p.n/a–n/a, (2014) Abstract
Modelling the impacts of climate change on flow and nitrate in the River Thames: assessing potential adaptation strategies, Jin, L.; Whitehead, P.G.; Futter, M.N.; Lu, Z. , Hydrology Research, Volume 43, Issue 6, p.902-916, (2012) Abstract
Impacts of climate warming on the long-term dynamics of key fish species in 24 European lakes, Jeppesen, E.; Mehner, T.; Winfield, IanJ.; Kangur, K.; Sarvala, J.; Gerdeaux, D.; Rask, M.; Malmquist, HilmarJ.; Holmgren, K.; Volta, P.; Romo, S.; Eckmann, R.; Sandström, A.; Blanco, S.; Kangur, A.; Ragnarsson, , Hydrobiologia, Volume 694, Number 1, p.1-39, (2012)
Warmer climates boost cyanobacterial dominance in shallow lakes, Kosten, S.; Huszar, V.L.M.; Bécares, E.; Costa, L.S.; van Donk, E.; Hansson, L.; Jeppesen, E.; Kruk, C.; Lacerot, G.; Mazzeo, N.; De Meester, L.; Moss, B.; Lürling, M.; Nõges, T.; Romo, S.; Scheffer, , Global Change Biology, Volume 18, Issue 1, p.118–126, (2012) Abstract
Effects of warming and nutrients on sediment community respiration in shallow lakes: an outdoor mesocosm experiment, Liboriussen, L.; Lauridsen, T.L.; Søndergaard, M.; Landkildehus, F.; Søndergaard, M.; Larsen, S.E.; Jeppesen, E. , Freshwater Biology, Volume 56, Number 3, p.437–447, (2011) Abstract
Nitrogen, macrophytes, shallow lakes and nutrient limitation: resolution of a current controversy?, Moss, B.; Jeppesen, E.; Søndergaard, M.; Lauridsen, TorbenL.; Liu, Z. , Hydrobiologia, Volume 710, Number 1, p.3-21, (2013)
The role of uncertainty in climate change adaptation strategies—A Danish water management example, Refsgaard, J.C.; Arnbjerg-Nielsen, K.; Drews, M.; Halsnæs, K.; Jeppesen, E.; Madsen, H.; Markandya, A.; Olesen, J.E.; Porter, J.R.; Christensen, J.H. , Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change, Volume 18, Number 3, p.337-359, (2013)
Macronutrient cycles and climate change: Key science areas and an international perspective, Whitehead, P.G.; Crossman, J. , Climate Change and Macronutrient Cycling along the Atmospheric, Terrestrial, Freshwater and Estuarine Continuum - A Special Issue dedicated to Professor Colin Neal, 2012/9/15/, Volume 434, p.13 - 17, (2012)
Consequences of changes in thermal regime for plankton diversity and trait composition in a polymictic lake: a matter of temporal scale, Wagner, C.; Adrian, R. , Freshwater Biology, Volume 56, Number 10, p.1949–1961, (2011) Abstract