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In-stream net uptake regulates inorganic nitrogen export from catchments under base flow conditions, Bernal, S.; von Schiller, D.; Martí, E.; Sabater, F. , Journal of Geophysical Research, 2012/07/12, Volume 117, p.G00N05, (2012) Abstract
Hydrological extremes modulate nutrient dynamics in mediterranean climate streams across different spatial scales, Bernal, S.; Mart, , Hydrobiologia, 2012, Volume 719, Issue 1, p.31-42, (2012) Abstract
The role of palaeolimnology in assessing eutrophication and its impact on lakes, Davidson, T.; Jeppesen, E. , Journal of Paleolimnology, Volume 49, Number 3, p.391-410, (2013)
Quantifying nitrogen leaching from diffuse agricultural and forest sources in a large heterogeneous catchment, Kopáček, J.; Hejzlar, J.; Posch, M. , Biogeochemistry, 2013, p.1-17, (2013)
An elevation-based regional model for interpolating sulphur and nitrogen deposition, Kopáček, J.; Posch, M.; Hejzlar, J.; Oulehle, F.; Volková, A. , Atmospheric Environment, 2012/4//, Volume 50, p.287 - 296, (2012) Abstract
Contrasting roles of water chemistry, lake morphology, land-use, climate and spatial processes in driving phytoplankton richness in the Danish landscape, Özkan, K.; Jeppesen, E.; Søndergaard, M.; Lauridsen, TorbenL.; Liboriussen, L.; Svenning, J. , Hydrobiologia, Volume 710, Number 1, p.173-187, (2013)
Using chlorophyll a and cyanobacteria in the ecological classification of lakes, Søndergaard, M.; Larsen, S.; Jørgensen, T.; Jeppesen, E. , Ecological Indicators, Volume 11, Number 5, p.1403 - 1412, (2011) Abstract
Effects of nutrient loading, temperature regime and grazing pressure on nutrient limitation of periphyton in experimental ponds, Trochine, C.; Guerrieri, M.E.; Liboriussen, L.; Lauridsen, T.L.; Jeppesen, E. , Freshwater Biology, p.n/a–n/a, (2014) Abstract
Predicting the effects of climate change on trophic status of three morphologically varying lakes: Implications for lake restoration and management, Trolle, D.; Hamilton, D.P.; Pilditch, C.A.; Duggan, I.C.; Jeppesen, E. , Environmental Modelling & Software, 2011, Volume 26, Issue 4, p.354 - 370, (2011) Abstract
Macronutrient cycles and climate change: Key science areas and an international perspective, Whitehead, P.G.; Crossman, J. , Climate Change and Macronutrient Cycling along the Atmospheric, Terrestrial, Freshwater and Estuarine Continuum - A Special Issue dedicated to Professor Colin Neal, 2012/9/15/, Volume 434, p.13 - 17, (2012)