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Predictive modelling of protected habitats in riparian areas from catchment characteristics, Baattrup-Pedersen, A.; Andersen, H.E.; Larsen, S.E.; Nygaard, B.; Ejrnæs, R. , Ecological Indicators, Volume 18, p.227 - 235, (2012)
Stream characteristics and their implications for the protection of riparian fens and meadows, Baattrup-Pedersen, A.; Larsen, S.E.; Mejlhede, P.; Audet, J.; Hoffman, C.C.; Andersen, H.E.; Kjaergaard, C.; Kronvang, B. , Freshwater Biology, 2011, Volume 56, Issue 9, p.1893 - 1903, (2011) Abstract
Rapid Ecological Shift Following Piscivorous Fish Introduction to Increasingly Eutrophic and Warmer Lake Furnas (Azores Archipelago, Portugal): A Paleoecological Approach, Buchaca, T.; Skov, T.; Amsinck, S.; Gonçalves, V.; Azevedo, J.; Andersen, T.; Jeppesen, E. , Ecosystems, Volume 14, p.458-477, (2011) Abstract
Eutrophication and Restoration of Shallow Lakes from a Cold Temperate to a Warm Mediterranean and a (Sub)Tropical Climate, Beklioglu, M.; Meerfhoff, M.; Søndergaard, M.; Jeppesen, E. , Eutrophication: causes, consequences and control, p.91-108, (2011) Abstract
Modelling phosphorus loading and algal blooms in a Nordic agricultural catchment-lake system under changing land-use and climate, Couture, R.; Tominaga, K.; Starrfelt, J.; Moe, S.J.; Kaste, O.; Wright, R.F. , Environ. Sci.: Processes Impacts, p.-, (2014) Abstract
The interactive responses of water quality and hydrology to changes in multiple stressors, and implications for the long-term effective management of phosphorus, Crossman, J.; Whitehead, P.G; Futter, M.N; Jin, L.; Shahgedanova, M.; Castellazzi, M.; Wade, A.J. , Science of The Total Environment, Volume 454–455, p.230 - 244, (2013) Abstract
A trait-based approach to assess the vulnerability of European aquatic insects to climate change, Conti, L.; Schmidt-Kloiber, A.; Grenouillet, G.; Graf, W. , Hydrobiologia, p.1-19, (2013) Abstract
Salinity inference in inland Turkish shallow lakes based on paleoecology using sub-fossil cladocerans, Çakiroğlu, A. I , Department of Biology, Ankara, p.160, (2013)
Restoration of a subtropical eutrophic shallow lake in China: effects on nutrient concentrations and biological communities, Chen, F.; Shu, T.; Jeppesen, E.; Liu, Z.; Chen, Y. , Hydrobiologia, Volume 718, Number 1, p.59-71, (2013)
Dynamic carbon budget of a large shallow lake assessed by a mass balance approach, Cremona, F.; Kõiv, T.; Nõges, P.; Pall, P.; Rõõm, E.-I.; Feldmann, T.; Viik, M.; Nõges, T. , Hydrobiologia, p.1-15, (2013)
Modelling nitrogen and phosphorus loads in a Mediterranean river catchment (La Tordera, NE Spain), Caille, F.; Riera, J.L.; Rosell-Melé, A. , Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Discussions, Volume 8, Number 4, p.7555–7594, (2011) Abstract
Advancing projections of phytoplankton responses to climate change through ensemble modelling, Trolle, D.; Elliott, J.A.; Mooij, W.M.; Janse, J.H.; Bolding, K.; Hamilton, D.P.; Jeppesen, E. , Environmental Modelling & Software, p.-, (2014)
Plankton dynamics under different climatic conditions in space and time, De Senerpont Domis, L.N.; Elser, J.J.; Gsell, A.S.; Huszar, V.L.M.; Ibelings, B.W.; Jeppesen, E.; Kosten, S.; Mooij, W.M.; Roland, F.; Sommer, U.; Van Donk, E.; Winder, M.; Lürling, M. , Freshwater Biology, Volume 58, Number 3, p.463–482, (2013) Abstract
The role of palaeolimnology in assessing eutrophication and its impact on lakes, Davidson, T.; Jeppesen, E. , Journal of Paleolimnology, Volume 49, Number 3, p.391-410, (2013)
Nutrients exert a stronger control than climate on recent diatom communities in Esthwaite Water: evidence from monitoring and palaeolimnological records, Dong, X.; Bennion, H.; Maberly, S.C.; Sayer, C.D.; Simpson, G.L.; Battarbee, R.W. , Freshwater Biology, Volume 57, Number 10, p.2044–2056, (2012) Abstract
Inferring a single variable from an assemblage with multiple controls: getting into deep water with cladoceran lake-depth transfer functions, Davidson, ThomasA.; Amsinck, S.; Bennike, O.; Christoffersen, KirstenS.; Landkildehus, F.; Lauridsen, TorbenL.; Jeppesen, E. , Hydrobiologia, Volume 676, Number 1, p.129-142, (2011)
The role of cladocerans in tracking long-term change in shallow lake trophic status, Davidson, T.; Bennion, H.; Jeppesen, E.; Clarke, G.; Sayer, Carl.D.; Morley, D.; Odgaard, B.; Rasmussen, P.; Rawcliffe, R.; Salgado, J.; Simpson, G.; Amsinck, S. , Hydrobiologia, Volume 676, Number 1, p.299-315, (2011)
Reducing uncertainty in the calibration and validation of the INCA-N model by using soft data, Etheridge, J.R; Lepistö, A.; Granlund, K.; Rankinen, K.; Birgand, F.; Birchell, M.R. , Hydrology Research, Volume 45.1, p.73-88, (2014) Abstract
Technical Note: Alternative in-stream denitrification equation for the INCA-N model, Etheridge, J.R.; Birgand, F.; Burchell II, M.R.; Lepistö, A.; Rankinen, K.; Granlund, K. , Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Discussions, Volume 10, Number 11, p.14557–14569, (2013)
Calibration of the INCA-N Model in the Pyhäjoki and Yläneenjoki Catchments in Finland. Paper Number:1008920, Etheridge, J.R.; Lepistö, A.; Granlund, K.; Rankinen, K.; Burchell II, M.R.; Birgand, F. , 2010 ASABE Annual International Meeting, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, (2010)
PERSiST: a flexible rainfall-runoff modelling toolkit for use with the INCA family of models, Futter, M.N.; Erlandsson, M.A.; Butterfield, D.; Whitehead, P.G.; Oni, S.K.; Wade, A.J. , Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, Volume 18, Number 2, p.855–873, (2014)
Soil erosion and phosphorus losses under variable land use as simulated by the INCA-P model, Farkas, C.; Beldring, S.; Bechmann, M.; Deelstra, J. , Soil Use and Management, Volume 29, p.124–137, (2013) Abstract
Fish community assemblages changed but biomass remained similar after lake restoration by biomanipulation in a Chinese tropical eutrophic lake, Gao, J.; Liu, Z.; Jeppesen, E. , Hydrobiologia, Volume 724, Number 1, p.127-140, (2014)
Effects of climate-induced increases in summer drought on riparian plant species: a meta-analysis, Garssen, A.G.; Verhoeven, J.T.A.; Soons, M.B. , Freshwater Biology, p.n/a–n/a, (2014) Abstract
Meta-analysis Shows a Consistent and Strong Latitudinal Pattern in Fish Omnivory Across Ecosystems, González-Bergonzoni, I.; Meerhoff, M.; Davidson, T.; Teixeira-de Mello, F.; Baattrup-Pedersen, A.; Jeppesen, E. , Ecosystems, Volume 15, p.492-503, (2012) Abstract