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Analysis of the reproductive strategy of Jenynsia multidentata (Cyprinodontiformes, Anablepidae) with focus on sexual differences in growth, size, and abundance, Goyenola, G.; Iglesias, C.; Mazzeo, N.; Jeppesen, E. , Hydrobiologia, Volume 673, p.245-257, (2011) Abstract
High predation is of key importance for dominance of small-bodied zooplankton in warm shallow lakes: evidence from lakes, fish exclosures and surface sediments, Iglesias, C.; Mazzeo, N.; Meerhoff, M.; Lacerot, G.; Clemente, J.; Scasso, F.; Kruk, C.; Goyenola, G.; Garcia-Alonso, J.; Amsinck, S.; Paggi, J.; de Jose Paggi, S.; Jeppesen, E. , Hydrobiologia, Volume 667, p.133-147, (2011) Abstract
Climate change impacts on lakes: an integrated ecological perspective based on a multi-faceted approach, with special focus on shallow lakes, Jeppesen, E.; Meerhoff, M.; Davidson, T.A.; Trolle, D.; SondergaarD, M.; Lauridsen, T.L.; Beklioglu, M.; Brucet, S.; Volta, P.; González-Bergonzoni, I.; others, , Journal of Limnology, (Submitted)
Recent climate induced changes in freshwaters in Denmark., Jeppesen, E.M.; Søndergaard, T.L.; Lauridsen, L.; Liboriussen, R.; Bjerring, L.S.; Johanssen, F.; Landkildehus, B.; Kronvang, H.E.; Andersen, D.; Trolle, T.J. , Global impacts of climate change on inland waters, (2012)
Chapter 6 - Biomanipulation as a Restoration Tool to Combat Eutrophication: Recent Advances and Future Challenges, Jeppesen, E.; Søndergaard, M.; Lauridsen, T.L.; Davidson, T.A.; Liu, Z.; Mazzeo, N.; Trochine, C.; Özkan, K.; Jensen, H.S.; Trolle, D.; Starling, F.; Lazzaro, X.; Johansson, L.S.; Bjerring, R.; Lib, L. , Advances in Ecological Research, Volume 47, p.411 - 488, (2012) Abstract
Modelling the impacts of climate change on flow and nitrate in the River Thames: assessing potential adaptation strategies, Jin, L.; Whitehead, P.G.; Futter, M.N.; Lu, Z. , Hydrology Research, Volume 43, Issue 6, p.902-916, (2012) Abstract
Impacts of climate warming on the long-term dynamics of key fish species in 24 European lakes, Jeppesen, E.; Mehner, T.; Winfield, IanJ.; Kangur, K.; Sarvala, J.; Gerdeaux, D.; Rask, M.; Malmquist, HilmarJ.; Holmgren, K.; Volta, P.; Romo, S.; Eckmann, R.; Sandström, A.; Blanco, S.; Kangur, A.; Ragnarsson, , Hydrobiologia, Volume 694, Number 1, p.1-39, (2012)
Economic prescriptions and policy applications in the implementation of the European Water Framework Directive, Martin-Ortega, J. , Environmental Science & Policy, Volume 24, p.83 - 91, (2012)
Zooplankton as indicators in lakes: a scientific-based plea for including zooplankton in the ecological quality assessment of lakes according to the European Water Framework Directive (WFD), Jeppesen, E.; Nõges, P.; Davidson, T.; Haberman, J.; Nõges, T.; Blank, K.; Lauridsen, T.; Søndergaard, M.; Sayer, C.; Laugaste, R.; Johansson, L.; Bjerring, R.; Amsinck, S. , Hydrobiologia, p.1-19, (2011) Abstract
Climate change effects on nitrogen loading from cultivated catchments in Europe: implications for nitrogen retention, ecological state of lakes and adaptation, Jeppesen, E.; Kronvang, B.; Olesen, J.; Audet, J.; Søndergaard, M.; Hoffmann, C.; Andersen, H.; Lauridsen, T.; Liboriussen, L.; Larsen, S.; Beklioglu, M.; Meerhoff, M.; Özen, A.; Özkan, K. , Hydrobiologia, Volume 663, p.1-21, (2011) Abstract
Tracing recovery under changing climate: response of phytoplankton and invertebrate assemblages to decreased acidification, Johnson, R.K.; Angeler, D.G. , Journal of the North American Benthological Society, 2010, Volume 29, Issue 4, p.1472 - 1490, (2010)
Quantifying nitrogen leaching from diffuse agricultural and forest sources in a large heterogeneous catchment, Kopáček, J.; Hejzlar, J.; Posch, M. , Biogeochemistry, 2013, p.1-17, (2013)
The contribution of lateral aquatic habitats to insect diversity along river corridors in the Alps, Karaus, U.; Larsen, S.; Guillong, H.; Tockner, K. , Landscape Ecology, p.1-13, (2013) Abstract
Factors Controlling the Export of Nitrogen from Agricultural Land in a Large Central European Catchment during 1900–2010, Kopáček, J.; Hejzlar, J.; Posch, M. , Environmental Science & Technology, 2013, Volume 47, Issue 12, p.6400 - 6407, (2013) Abstract
Response of littoral macrophytes to water level fluctuations in a storage reservoir, Krolová, M.; Čížková, H.; Hejzlar, J.; Poláková, S. , Knowl. Managt. Aquatic Ecosyst., 2013, Issue 408, (2013)
Warmer climates boost cyanobacterial dominance in shallow lakes, Kosten, S.; Huszar, V.L.M.; Bécares, E.; Costa, L.S.; van Donk, E.; Hansson, L.; Jeppesen, E.; Kruk, C.; Lacerot, G.; Mazzeo, N.; De Meester, L.; Moss, B.; Lürling, M.; Nõges, T.; Romo, S.; Scheffer, , Global Change Biology, Volume 18, Issue 1, p.118–126, (2012) Abstract
Depth limit of littoral vegetation in a storage reservoir: A case study of Lipno Reservoir (Czech Republic), Krolová, M.; Čížková, H.; Hejzlar, J. , Limnologica, 2012/5//, Volume 42, Issue 2, p.165 - 174, (2012) Abstract
An elevation-based regional model for interpolating sulphur and nitrogen deposition, Kopáček, J.; Posch, M.; Hejzlar, J.; Oulehle, F.; Volková, A. , Atmospheric Environment, 2012/4//, Volume 50, p.287 - 296, (2012) Abstract
Resource subsidies between stream and terrestrial ecosystems under global change, Larsen, S.; Muehlbauer, J.D.; Marti, E. , Global Change Biology, p.n/a–n/a, (2015) Abstract
Similarity between contemporary vegetation and plant remains in the surface sediment in Mediterranean lakes, Levİ, E.E.; Çakıroğlu, A.İ.; Bucak, T.; Odgaard, B.V.; Davidson, T.A.; Jeppesen, E.; Beklİoğlu, M. , Freshwater Biology, Volume 59, Number 4, p.724–736, (2014) Abstract
Anthropogenic modification disrupts species co-occurrence in stream invertebrates, Larsen, S.; Ormerod, S.J. , Global Change Biology, p.n/a–n/a, (2013) Abstract
Almost 50 years of monitoring shows that climate, not forestry, controls long-term organic carbon fluxes in a large boreal watershed, Lepistö, A.; Futter, M.N.; Kortelainen, P. , Global Change Biology, p.n/a–n/a, (2013) Abstract
High-frequency metabolism study in a large and shallow temperate lake reveals seasonal switching between net autotrophy and net heterotrophy, Laas, A.; Nõges, P.; Kõiv, T.; Nõges, T. , Hydrobiologia, Volume 694, p.57-74, (2012) Abstract
Productivity and nutrient retention of lakes on seasonal, interannual and morphometric scales., Laas, A. , Eesti Maaülikool (EMU), Tartu, p.148, (2012)
High-frequency metabolism study in a large and shallow temperate lake reveals seasonal switching between net autotrophy and net heterotrophy, Laas, A.; Nõges, P.; Kõiv, T.; Nõges, T. , Hydrobiologia, Volume 694, p.57-74, (2012)