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Controls on inorganic nitrogen leaching from Finnish catchments assessed using a sensitivity and uncertainty analysis of the INCA-N model, Rankinen, K.; Granlund, K.; Futter, M.N.; Butterfield, D.; Wade, A.J.; Skeffington, R.; Arvola, L.; Veijalainen, N.; Huttunen, I; Lepisto, A. , Boreal Environment Research, Volume 18, p.373-386, (2013)
The role of uncertainty in climate change adaptation strategies—A Danish water management example, Refsgaard, J.C.; Arnbjerg-Nielsen, K.; Drews, M.; Halsnæs, K.; Jeppesen, E.; Madsen, H.; Markandya, A.; Olesen, J.E.; Porter, J.R.; Christensen, J.H. , Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change, Volume 18, Number 3, p.337-359, (2013)
A trait based approach to assess climate change sensitivity of freshwater invertebrates across Swedish ecoregions, Sandin, L.; Schmidt-Kloiber, A.; Svenning, J.; Jeppesen, E.; Friberg, N. , Current Zoology, Volume 60, Issue 2, (2014) Abstract
Bayesian uncertainty assessment of a semi-distributed integrated catchment model of phosphorus transport, Starrfelt, J.; Kaste, O. , Environ. Sci.: Processes Impacts, p.-, (2014) Abstract
Threshold-driven shifts in two copepod species: Testing ecological theory with observational data, Scharfenberger, U.; Mahdy, A.; Adrian, R. , Limnol. Oceanogr, Volume 58, Number 2, p.741–752, (2013)
Effects of a long term water level reduction on the ecology and water quality in an eastern Mediterranean lake, Stefanidis, K.; Papastergiadou, E. , Knowledge and Management of Aquatic Ecosystems, 2013, Issue 411, p.14, (2013)
Persistent internal phosphorus loading during summer in shallow eutrophic lakes, Søndergaard, M.; Bjerring, R.; Jeppesen, E. , Hydrobiologia, p.1-13, (2012) Abstract
Lake Restoration, Søndergaard, M.; Jeppesen, E.; Jensen, H. , Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences Series, p.455-458, (2012)
Using chlorophyll a and cyanobacteria in the ecological classification of lakes, Søndergaard, M.; Larsen, S.; Jørgensen, T.; Jeppesen, E. , Ecological Indicators, Volume 11, Number 5, p.1403 - 1412, (2011) Abstract
Winter ecology of shallow lakes: strongest effect of fish on water clarity at high nutrient levels, Sørensen, T.; Mulderij, G.; Søndergaard, M.; Lauridsen, T.; Liboriussen, L.; Brucet, S.; Jeppesen, E. , Hydrobiologia, Volume 664, p.147-162, (2011) Abstract
Some Characteristics of the Vansjø-Hobøl (Morsa) Catchment, Skarbøvik, E.; Bechmann, M. , Bioforsk, 10/2010, p.44, (2010) Abstract
Effects of nutrient loading, temperature regime and grazing pressure on nutrient limitation of periphyton in experimental ponds, Trochine, C.; Guerrieri, M.E.; Liboriussen, L.; Lauridsen, T.L.; Jeppesen, E. , Freshwater Biology, p.n/a–n/a, (2014) Abstract
Dissolved organic matter and its ecological role in large and shallow water bodies, Toming, K. , Eesti Maaülikool (EMU), Tartu, p.184, (2013)
Long-term changes of the underwater light field in large shallow lakes Peipsi and Võrtsjärv, North-East Europe, Toming, K.; Arst, H.; Kõiv, T.; Nõges, T. , Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences, Volume 62, Issue 3, p.202–212, (2013)
Contributions of autochthonous and allochthonous sources to dissolved organic matter in a large, shallow, eutrophic lake with a highly calcareous catchment, Toming, K.; Tuvikene, L.; Vilbaste, S.; Agasild, H.; Viik, M.; Kisand, A.; Feldmann, T.; Martma, T.; Jones, R. I; Nõges, T. , Limnol. Oceanogr, Volume 58, Number 4, p.1259–1270, (2013)
Sediments, not plants, offer the preferred refuge for Daphnia against fish predation in Mediterranean shallow lakes: an experimental demonstration, Tavşanoğlu, N.; Idil Çakiroğlu, A.; Erdoğan, Ş.; Meerhoff, M.; Jeppesen, E.; Beklioglu, M. , Freshwater Biology, Volume 57, Number 4, p.795–802, (2012) Abstract
Zooplankton adaptation strategies against fish predation in Turkish shallow lakes, Tavşanoğlu, Ü.N.Y. , Department of Biology, Ankara, p.181, (2012) Abstract
Strengthening the link between climate, hydrological and species distribution modeling to assess the impacts of climate change on freshwater biodiversity, Tisseuil, C.; M.Vrac,; G.Grenouillet,; A.J.Wade,; M.Gevrey,; Oberdorff, T.; Grodwohl, J.-B.; Lek, S. , Science of The Total Environment, Volume 424, p.193 - 201, (2012)
A community-based framework for aquatic ecosystem models, Trolle, D.; Hamilton, DavidP.; Hipsey, MatthewR.; Bolding, K.; Bruggeman, J.; Mooij, WolfM.; Janse, JanH.; Nielsen, A.; Jeppesen, E.; Elliott, J.Alex; Makler-Pick, V.; Petzoldt, T.; Rinke, K.; Flindt, MogensR.; Arhonditsis, G. , Hydrobiologia, Volume 683, Number 1, p.25-34, (2012)
Filamentous green algae inhibit phytoplankton with enhanced effects when lakes get warmer, Trochine, C.; Guerrieri, M.; Liboriussen, L.; Meerhoff, M.; Lauridsen, T.L.; Søndergaard, M.; Jeppesen, E. , Freshwater Biology, Volume 56, Number 3, p.541–553, (2011) Abstract
Predicting the effects of climate change on trophic status of three morphologically varying lakes: Implications for lake restoration and management, Trolle, D.; Hamilton, D.P.; Pilditch, C.A.; Duggan, I.C.; Jeppesen, E. , Environmental Modelling & Software, 2011, Volume 26, Issue 4, p.354 - 370, (2011) Abstract
Annex of the publication Review of published climate change adaptation and mitigation measures related with water , Tiina, N.; Peeter, N.; Cardoso, A.C. , (2010) Abstract
Planktonic ciliate community structure in shallow lakes of lowland Western Europe, Van Wichelen, J.; Johansson, L.S.; Vanormelingen, P.; Declerck, S.A.J.; Lauridsen, T.L.; De Meester, L.; Jeppesen, E.; Vyverman, W. , European Journal of Protistology, Volume 49, Number 4, p.538 - 551, (2013)
The population biology and life history traits of Eurasian ruffe [Gymnocephalus cernuus (L.), Pisces: Percidae] introduced into eutrophic and oligotrophic lakes in Northern Italy, Volta, P.; Jeppesen, E.; Campi, B.; Sala, P.; Emmrich, M.; Winfield, I. , Journal of Limnology, Volume 72, Number 2, p.e22, (2013)
Recent invasion by a non-native cyprinid (common bream Abramis brama) is followed by major changes in the ecological quality of a shallow lake in southern Europe, Volta, P.; Jeppesen, E.; Leoni, B.; Campi, B.; Sala, P.; Garibaldi, L.; Lauridsen, TorbenL.; Winfield, IanJ. , Biological Invasions, Volume 15, Number 9, p.2065-2079, (2013)