Cost-effectiveness analysis in the implementation of the Water Framework Directive

Julia Martin-Ortega and Bedru Balana have had their research published in European Water comparing how Spain and the UK have approached implementation of Water Framework Directive cost effective analysis (CEA). 

The paper can be downloaded from

"In this paper, first, we review and discuss the existing CEA methods related to WFD implementation. Second, we assess the applications of WFD-related CEA studies, progresses made so far, and the limitations in two European countries: the United Kingdom and Spain. The overall aim is to assess the CEA approaches pursued, the achievements made, and the major challenges to-date in the design and implementation of WFD-related CEA studies to guiding water management and water-related policy decisions in these countries. Our results show that the two countries have very different levels of experiences and progresses in relation to undertaking WFD related-CEA"